Today, on the darkest day of the year, Sleepers is pleased to announce our new release celebrating 40 years of

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Out January 21, 2022


A slice of history. A slice of life. 40 years of history and almost from a forgotten dream this is a collection from ATTRITION's prolific heyday....
releasing albums, almost all on CD... as we thought we had seen the death of vinyl.... on labels in the USA (Projekt and Invisible) and Europe (Contempo and Hyperium).... Here is a selection of music from those times....many for the first time on vinyl...

Martin Bowes. Coventry. England. March 2021

Martin Bowes has dedicated his life to music, reflecting and exploring the depths and dualities that exist in each present moment through organic and electronic sound. Since 1981, he has collaborated as attrition with many artists,  produced and engineered the work of others,  and worked as a music educator at the University of Coventry.


 As layered and diverse as ATTRITION's extensive discography is, it  was darkwave before "darkwave" existed, and is always unmistakably ATTRITION. 

A Great Desire is a  compilation of  outstanding tracks from 1986-2004- some never before on vinyl- in celebration of 40 years of ATTRITION. 

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"Dying for love
And this kind of fire inside
My blood is blind
I'm dining on a silent mind
And several other friends of mine"
– Martin Bowes
Coventry, England

Next full moon 16 February

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"Sister Teresa" from the new album A Great Desire

In loving memory of 


May his soul shine with the light of the absolute

Of Suns of Arqa

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Crispin Mills & SOA_edited
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Suns of Arqa – Pablo's Lament

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out March 5th

SLPRS12 Ben Chapman- There's always One


Some old gems of Ben's have resurfaced from the archives thanks to Danny digging through his crates.

Ben grew out of the 1989 UK rave scene to dj, remix, produce and write for tons of artists from Prince to U2, djing around the world from Berlin to Buenos Aires.

These are his own tunes made in the Matrix studio in London in 1990, a hive of activity and talent, Massive Attack in the next room making Blue Lines, Mark E. Smith in another with The Fall, and Adrian Sherwood dubbing Tackhead in another!

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gotta get it on vinyl to really hear it right, but you can get a taste of there's always one on soundcloud:


AEX04 Judd Stone and Jayde lee- Magic Spells

We couldn't be more excited to release Judd Stone’s latest album Magic Spells, Judd came out of the new wave scene in 1981 with onyx, a wildly ambitious project that is now regarded as a missing link. Magic Spells is Stone’s follow-up to Onyx and it will pull you dancing through a mystical seance.


Get a sample of Magic Spells on soundcloud:

Danny Hyde live at sleepers berlin

Danny is a master mixer and engineer. This is a wildly rich and organic arch of sound that we got to share with the crowd in berlin, september 2019

Events Postponed

Can't wait to see you in 2021!


Treasures from the archives

Watch We Be Echo's video For  "Push" made in 1985. It's beautifully spine-tickling...

It's a cosmic journey. . . Check out Steve Angstrom's Video for "Holographic fool" from Sleepers' 10th release, recovered Artifacts 93'-97'