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In 1998, when Dego (4Hero) announced to the Dollis Hill inner circle that he was starting a new record label where anything goes, Colin Lindo (aka Nubian Mindz/Alpha Omega) was one of the first to respond. This initial response saw the birth of a new artist name, a new sound and four tracks of new school wizardry.

The Interstellar Blackness EP was released on 2000 Black to a warm reception amongst underground aficionados worldwide and this was soon followed up by the unashamedly futuristic ‘Black Science EP’ on the, also newly formed, Archive Records.

The mantra for Nubian Mindz has always been to "Keep your eyes on the future, know your past and embrace the present."

This was no more apparent than at the beginning of the new millennium when his debut album ‘New World Chaos’ was released on Archive Records. The album flagrantly ignored the rule book and followed its own agenda of futurepast funk, putting Nubian Mindz firmly on the electronic music radar.

Later releases such as, ‘Check Da Vibe’ (2000 Black), ‘Make Me Wait’ (Neroli) and ‘Future Past (2000 Black/Planet E) served to further cement his reputation for innovation with soul. This soon led to releases on Rush Hour/Bagpak Music/Head2Toe/IRMA and the inimitable Delsin with the underground smash ‘Afrika Man’ in 2008.

After a short break from the industry, which served to re-ignite his passion for electronic music and creativity, Nubian Mindz has returned with a slew of beats and audio mayhem on a variety of top quality imprints and looks to continue improving his production nous by delving deeper into his unique take on electronic music.


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