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62nd cell

Sitting on the base 62ND CELL is the latest moniker of Dave Campbell aka Hi-RYZE but also Ubik, Timenet, Kibu, Autonation and others in the 1990s. One of the UK techno originators, Dave produces electronic music with highly recognisable sonics, sitting snugly with modern techno.

Working as Sound Engineer, broadening his production skills to all genres from gospel and grime to indie rock, he continued making his own music from Dave’s Pad. Thanks to inspired tech music lovers everywhere, he returned to public consciousness with releases on Berlin's Sleepers and Barcelona's In Therapy labels.

Renewed interest in early 90s techno brought on several re-issues for Dave's most seminal work via Music Preservation Society (MPS Vinyl), Gert Jan Bijl's Frame of Mind Recordings and on his own label YozMaz Productions.


Dave Campbell Playing live music

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