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László Hortobágyi

László Hortobágyi was born on this planet, although he had not planned to do this. Therefore, besides his musicological, indological and composing studies, he takes part in the design and building of a few organs throughout in East-Europa. Consequently,


since 1967 he has
organised and made private expeditions - in the first place - to
North-India for making recordings on the spot, studying musicological sources, archives, libraries, pursuing practical instrumental studies and restoring old 78 r.p.m vinyls of early classical Hindusthani and Carnatic (and other worldwide) releases. Play rudra-vina, surbahar, sitar, tabla, organ, various electronics, etc. Developed a virtual overtone processing and granular sample synthesis software based on a sound morphology technique according to his original 'computed memesis of music' concept . · In 1980 he re-established a musical society called 'Gáyan Uttejak Mandal' ·


In 1984 he founded 'The Oriental Music Archives' which is unique in Middle-Europe and which operates parallel with the music studio called 'Gáyan Uttejak Studio' and the 'Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra'. · Publishing several LP's, CD's, · Various musicological and theoretical publications. · Paintings about 'cyber
rága-málá' and 'méme' delineations, tryptichons, · Former member of the Advisory Council of the Research Project of Computer Music at the Institute of Musicology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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