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Bobby BeauSoleil


Subsequent additional Beausoleil albums feature compositions often recorded in correlation to and released in conjunction with his drawings and paintings. The 2014 compilation Whispers Through The Black Veil was released on the Wyrd War label, containing the song "The Wailing On Witch Mountain", composed, performed, and recorded in 2012. His most recent musical release is Voodoo Shivaya (2018), a 2-disk concept album recorded between 2008 and 2015. It features both covers and original songs with vocal and instrumental tracks showcasing Beausoleil's instrumental and vocal skills. Guest performances, with the approval of the Oregon State Penitentiary administration, included Annabel Lee Moynihan, Michael Jenkins Moynihan, Robert Ferbrache, and Mike Behrenhausen, all members of the dark folk band Blood Axis. The triple gatefold LP and CD packaging integrates Nicholas Syracuse's photography with calligraphy by Timo Ketola.

Bobby Beausoleil is an American musician and

Fine Artist with a collection of work

spanning 40 years.

Incarcerated for most of his adult life, Beausoleil has nonetheless produced a significant body of musical recordings, visual art, and writings. Among his most notable works is the soundtrack for Lucifer Rising, an indie-underground film by Kenneth Anger, paired with a prog-rock symphony for a fallen angel's mythical journey. To perform and record his score from prison, Beausoleil assembled The Magick Powerhouse of Oz band.

The official Beausoleil soundtrack was originally released on LP by Lethal Records in 1980. A 2004 CD on the Arcanum label included archival material from The Orkustra and The Magick Powerhouse of Oz. The Lucifer Rising Suite released by The Ajna Offensive in 2009 documents the film's soundtrack project from its beginnings in 1967 to its completion and delivery to the filmmaker in 1979. In addition to the soundtrack, some alternate themes, musical and soundscape experiments, and live performances are included in the boxed set; the anthology box set was released on CD in 2014.

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