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Inspired by early electro, pop and hip-hop like Art of Noise, Herbie Hancock & Whodini, Todd Sines began creating music in the late 80’s, ranging from post-punk and industrial, to techno and house. He swapped his bass for an analogue synth in 1991, beginning a lifelong gearlust of all things tactile and analogue. While at The Ohio State University, he was the last student to study modular synthesis under former Stockhausen student Dr. Thomas Wells, the author of the seminal 1981 study "The Technique of Electronic Music" (Schirmer Books) [who helped him launch Analogue Heaven, the world’s first analogue synthesis focused electronic mailing list, 23 years and running.] 

In 1993, his music caught the ear of Carl Craig and Daniel Bell, who helped him release records on the Planet E, 7th City and Peacefrog labels as .xtrak and Enhanced in the mid '90s. Over the last two decades he’s worked with and remixed Yoko Ono, Alexander Robotnick, Robert Owens, Paul Randolph, and Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid, while his live performances and DJ gigs have been featured in art spaces like MoMA PS1, Creative Time, the Wexner Center for the Arts; festivals like Movement, Roskilde, and Sonar, and clubs like London's Fabric and Berlin's Berghain, Panorama Bar, and Tresor. His recording studio still features a nearly all-analogue hardware environment, with tape machines, sequencers, synthesizers, and many DIY / home-brewed instruments, conjuring a future-thinking sound from times past.

Todd Sines in the studio

Todd Sines in the studio

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